Electricity Providers

There are over eighteen electricity providers in the UK with many of those offering gas too. Electricity is metered and so you only pay for what you use. Rates differ from one provider to the next but there are plenty of deals from most electricity providers, which means you can make a real cost saving. It is important to do your research to find out which is the best electricity provider for you.

How to find the best electricity provider for your home.
One way of finding the cheapest and most efficient electricity provider for you and your home is to use a market comparison website. There are plenty to choose from but most of them will ask you some details about your current provider and your current bills, some details about your home and some personal details. You fill this information in and submit and you will be given quotes on your estimated bills from most of the major electricity providers.

As well as using a market comparison website, it is worthwhile looking at individual electricity providers' websites and getting quotes from them and looking at what other services they offer. Also, they may have special deals on, which might not show up on the market comparison websites. If you have any further questions, you can call their customer service teams to make sure you have all the information you need to decide which is the best electricity provider for you.

Types of electricity providers.

It can be cheaper to buy both electricity and gas together from the same provider. This is known as dual fuel. If you do not have dual fuel, it is worth asking your current electricity and your gas provider for quotes on how much you can save by switching to them so that they provide you with both products. Alternatively, switching to a completely new user might be cost effective as there are often many deals for new customers.

Companies that offer electricity include British Gas, NPower, Scottish Power, E-on and Southern Electric. These companies also offer dual fuel, as do many of the other providers. You can find reviews of all electricity providers online and so it can be useful to see what other people are saying and what problems can arise.

Electricity providers offer a lot more than just electricity. As well as gas, they offer a range of other services. These include boiler and heating maintenance and repairs, products that customers can buy to save energy and costs such as low-energy light bulbs and most now allow customers to view and pay their bills online. This makes it easier for customers to keep up with payments and view their electricity usage.

Choosing the right electricity provider for your home can seem quite a daunting task but there is plenty of information on the Internet to help you make the right decision. There is also help and advice on how you can conserve electricity, which will make your bills even cheaper.