Find out all you need to know about electricity providers and who the main companies are in the United Kingdom. There is plenty of insightful information to help you make what can be a confusing and daunting choice.

Visit this website today to find out all you need to know about electricity providers. With this website there is some extremely helpful and insightful information on electricity providers and who the main providers are, reading this information will help you find out about what services they provide, and also help you to find the cheapest electricity provider for you.

There is some great advice given in what can be a daunting and confusing choice, using market comparison websites is one brilliant method of narrowing down your choice as you can directly see the difference in how much you will be paying, it is also worthwhile visiting each providers website to get quotes and see and potential deals. You also need to decide if you want dual fuel, which is where your provider provides both gas and electricity, making it easier for you to manage your outgoings. Some of the main electricity providers are Npower, who provide dual fuel and are known as being one of the better companies.

Their website will be able to answer most of your questions, and you can also obtain a quote through an online form which will give you an immediate response. British Gas is one of the most established and well known providers, and remains one of the leading providers despite increased competition in recent years, check out their website for all the information you need on British Gas which has a very interesting history. There is also E-on energy, which prides itself on being green.

They also provide dual fuel and own many wind farms in the U.K. E-on Energy provide a great service on top of this with maintenance and a back up power supply etc, check out their website for quotes and deals. Another popular provider is Scottish Power, again they provide duel fuel and you ca easily get a quote and information on deals by visiting their website. With this website you are sure to find some helpful information to assist you in getting the cheapest electricity provider. Find out more today.