E.ON Energy

E-on Energy is one of the leading power and gas companies in the UK. It is part of the E.ON group, which is one of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas companies. E-on energy retails electricity and gas to millions of homes and businesses across the country.

What's on offer at E-on Energy.

E-on Eenrgy prides itself on it's green reputation. They are one of the leading green developers, owners and operators of wind farms in the UK today and are looking to significantly expand both their on shore and off shore generation. E-on Energy burns biomass material mixed with coal in two of their power stations and have built the UK's largest dedicated biomass power station at Lockerbie.

As well as supplying electricity and gas, E-on Energy offers a range of home energy services, including boiler and central heating repairs and maintenance.  They offer a comprehensive service, which includes maintenance, installation, repair and breakdown solutions. This service is available 365 days of the year and are cheaper when compared to British Gas’s HomeCare range.

When looking into E-on Energy, there are three ways of getting a quote and a better idea on cost. You can fill in an online form with your house details and you will get a quote on electricity and gas for your home. Alternatively, if you have seen an E-on Energy product that you are interested in, you can search the product itself. You can also call the E-on Energy customer service team. All numbers are available online.

How to save money with E-on Energy.

Combining elecricity and gas will usually be cheaper from any provider and E-on Energy also offers this saving to their customers. E.ON FixOnline is E-on Energy's cheapest dual fuel product. The give a date for when the rates will be fixed for so that you can guarantee your bills will not increase for that period of time. E-on Energy often offers deals when joining or switching to E-on Energy such as discounts on your bill.

E-on Energy customers can use the energy tracker to see how much energy they are using. This can help to cut down bills further. We'll show you your daily energy usage based on meter readings that we've billed you to. It shows your carbon footprint and tells you what that means for the environment. You can also submit your meter readings online, which will mean more accurate bills.

As well as providing gas and electricity, E-on Energy also has an online shop where customers can buy a number of energy saving products from bulbs and lamps PowerDowns and energy timers. Also available in the E-on Energy shop is insulation for your home. They install cavity wall and loft insulation with a discounted price for current customers to help reduce your energy bills.